Friday, June 17, 2011

BodyRockers in the House Tonight

    I've been listening to Party Rock Anthem while I workout and I like to pretend they're saying "Bodyrockers" instead of "Party Rock is. . ." :D

    Today I went back and re-did the first BodyRock workout I ever performed (in January): Suicidal Sweat.   I remember when I first did it I skipped a whole section because it involved some 1-legged jump squats that I could not for the life of me do.  Did 'em today :D   It also involved a bunch of Break Dance push-ups which some of you may remember from my little demo and if you haven't seen it they look like this:

    Love those guys! 
    I did them a lot better today too, in the video on some reps I'm hooking my foot around my other leg, none of that this time :)

    Speaking of Break Dance. . . So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) is back on!  YAYYYYY!! And I remembered how much the Break Dancers on that show always rock. 
    I think those guys are some of the best athletes in the world.  

    Legacy was one of my all time faves:
     Even though he was a B-Boy, he could rock any dance style.

    I'm thinking about getting Nolan some break dance lessons :)  Nollie showed me how he can learn to walk on his hands by putting his feet on an exercise ball and moving into pike position.  Such a smart 5 year old :D

    Dales and I are thinking of taking some dance lessons as well after watching the past few episodes, I am so envious of their flexibilty.

    Season 6: Ellenore and Legacy

    I might do a post on my top 5 SYTYCD routines because I think everyone should experience them.

    Full Time Beach starts tomorrow!!!! 

    How's that for a random post :)

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BodyRockers in the House Tonight

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