Monday, June 13, 2011

Aced the ACE!

    I'm an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer!!!! Woohhooo :D

    All of this:
    finally paid off.

    And I don't have to feel like this:

       Plus I can get back to blogging, reading and commenting regularly again :)  

      I thought the test was pretty darn hard and I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest as I pressed submit; I really had no idea whether I had passed or not based on the questions.  But I did it!! :D :D :D

      I still have anxiety feelings in my stomach (I finished 1 hour ago) because I was so so nervous before & during the whole test.

      Random fun fact that I noticed while studying the ACE manual:  The names of the people in the case studies were: Phyllis, Stanley, Oscar, Kelly, Jan, Andy, Meredith, David and . . .DWIGHT!  That is no coincidence and I was highly amused by it :D I guess I'm easy to please :)

    No Jim though. . .

    My Jim Halpert face from January

       I plan to continue studying my Kinesiology and Anatomy at the beach this summer, even though I passed I didn't feel confident enough answering many of those questions.  I'm also thinking of pursuing another cert over the summer, probably NASM.  As well as ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management coach certification.  Ohhh and RRCA running coach cert (just looked it up, cert course in NY on Sept. 10-11th, I'm on it!) :D  

    CRAZY excited about all this ish!!

        Need to go workout and get rid of some nervous energy I still have, I should be posting more now that I'm not studying during every available hour.  

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Aced the ACE!

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