Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Film II Clorox, Pirates and Mermaids

    What is the most exciting thing about any kind of film? You get transported into a totally different world. I made a post on the music of the Clorox Commercials, this time I want to share the commercials as well. I thought it would be nice to see a visual to match the audio. Considering how awesome the musical scoring is alone, imagine the effect it has along with the stunning visuals of the commercials. It begins with another world where the imagination goes wild...and ends up in a bathtub.

    I like how one of the bottles made it's way up to the bathtub and how the girl still had her tail for a bit. Like as if the world had actually existed inside the bathtub. The CGI that was used made the mermaids look more believable as compare to if they had worn real tails. Here they look more dynamic. The overall look of the mermaids added to their believability since they looked as if they had been living underwater for a long time. The pale skin and the light hair made them seem like marine creatures ( with the addition of shimmer and glitter). Plus the editor did a good job in matching the movements underwater to the climax part of the score.


    The beginning of the commercial was unexpected. It was a boy on a horse who was trying to chase flying fish with a huge net...on land. The whimsical aspect did not end there. The pirates who were on top of each other to create a human ship with suspended cloth was a winner. It would be something children would do in character play. The CGI of this commercial was concentrated on the ships and the fishes, I liked how they made the ships sail in mid-air. It gave the fantasy of pirates a fresh perspective.


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Film II Clorox, Pirates and Mermaids

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