Friday, April 29, 2011


          298-299-298-299. . .  Sooo I've [mostly] gotten over caring how many followers I have, I write what I want and if you like it: Awesome! :D (seriously each new follower shocks me.)  And if not, I can't make everyone happy (no one can :), besides there are 37456254287 other amazing blogs out there.

    Butttttt this little 300 thing, I've been on the edge for like a week.  Not a plea for followers, just a thought :)

       I have a very serious/ thoughtful? post in the works, but those always take some time for me.  Hopefully in announcing it I will actually get it done. There's been a few times that I started thought provoking posts and the left them in draft.  That's my thing, if I can't type it up and post it right away it goes undone.

        I'm a little emotional right now, I won't say why, but I will say I'm blasting the Dashboard Confessional right now.

        May 28th cannot come soon enough (and at the same time, it gives me a month to give my all diet/workout wise.  Ohhh and that whole ACE thing I've been neglecting lately.)

       Summer Abs, DO IT!  It WILL be hard, but the feeling in your Abs the next day will be worth it!! It is the feeling of an effective workout :D  (As far as equip, I used kettlebells in place of sandbag and pull-up bar in place of dip station. . . in other words, improvise :)

    I've had the strong desire to listen to The Postal Service lately

    Also awesome:

       I really could post all there video/songs cause they all rock, but I'll leave that up to you to search them out :)

        Ahahaha, this is a post edit because "I am available for modeling" was just a search term to my blog.  Mhmmm yes I am :D   Have the airbrush ready ;)

        2 posts in one day? Maybe I'm just trying to make up for the fact that I am going to have less then 20 posts for the month of April.  It's all about the numbers with us runners.

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