Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Music II Clorox, Pirates and Mermaids

    A fascination with pirates and mermaids have remained since childhood. The whimsical and fantastical world they create still manages to tug at the child in me.

    I was looking for inspiration for mermaids for an illustration I was doing and I came across mermaid commercials on Youtube. There were so many interesting and hilarious commercials on them and then I found myself in awe with the Clorox commercial of the pirates and the mermaids. Each of the versions were so magical.

    By Francois-Paul Aiche & H. Scott Salinas.

    The mermaid version had alot of xylophones, bells and chimes. The sound made me think of the oceans and the waves. The violins and the piano softer in tone and more fluid which gave the effect of floating, or rather swimming.

    By Francois-Paul Aiche & H. Scott Salinas.

    The pirate version had more violins, different drums, used the harpsichord and used plucking on the guitar. The effect was more powerful especially when it came to the point where the violins were in constant play as the song was building up. It reminded me of sailing on a ship and how the waves would cradle the ship while the crew would go about the ship in their own play.

    It is difficult to get tired of the music, despite it's repetitive score, and could easily get stuck in one's head.

    This is part of the The Blue Sky Project CD: A Clorox Charity Collection.

    It's almost hard to believe such an exciting piece was found in a Clorox commercial.

    ~ Krisan

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Music II Clorox, Pirates and Mermaids

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