Tuesday, April 26, 2011


    I have an entire storage container full of charms, chains, and beads, so when I saw this project on theglamourai.com it was a perfect fit! I love eye-catching necklaces, especially when I get to create and customize them myself.

    To start you will need the jewelry tools below. You can find them at arts and crafts stores and they are super inexpensive. This project requires the wire cutters, flat nose pliers and round nose pliers.

    Then you will of course need charms. I used buttons, earrings that lost their mates, beads, old pendants from broken necklaces, and little trinkets I found when out walking around. If you are going to be using charms that don't already have a jump-ring you will also need a spool of 20 gauge jewelry wire. You can find this at the crafts store.

    Now you need a base to attach all of your wonderful charms to. I used several different chains that had either come from broken necklaces or that I bought at the craft store. For this project you are going to need chains of several different lengths, making sure that your shortest chain sits at a comfortable place on your neck. Attach them to your clasp and they should look like this:

    Attach your charms to the necklace by opening the chain with the pliers. When you have added all the charms you want you will have your finished product that you made yourself! Mine turned out like this:

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