Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Things Tuesday?

    . . . because making lists of three unrelated things that happen to be on your mind is a lot easier than coming up with a real post when you got nothin.  Although oddly yesterday I thought I had too many post ideas and then this morning?  They disappeared.  The rain must have washed them away.

    Sunny/Warm Days = Highly Motivated, Cleaning, Goal Making, Ass Kicking Katie
    Rainy/Cold Days = Can Someone Please Peel Me Off the Couch Katie 

    1) I ran 2.5 mi yesterday with no knee pain!!  Except I took NSAIDS before hand (2 excedrin) so that is most likely why.  I'm going to either run today with no NSAID before or wait till tomorrow to run again (also no NSAIDS before), still deciding.  The rain is making me think tomorrow unless I tread it.

    2)  I don't know if the rest of the country has heard about the serial killer on Long Island yet but it is completely creeping me out.  I won't go into much detail (since I don't want the search hits), but 8 bodies have been found (so far) in the roadside brush only a few miles down from the beach I work at.
        We drive past this area on our way to work every day and a few years ago (which apparently some of the remains are up to 3 yrs old) I used to run  past this area.  The past 2 yrs though I've chosen to run on the beach or parking lot loops instead, I've never liked running on that parkway on my own.  Really there is not much to worry about as the identified women were all hired off of Craigslist, but still super creepy.  I am hoping it is solved before the beach opens because it will be even creepier to see cop cars all over the area on the way to work.

    3) The Fabulous Caitlin of Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous posted some to-die-for summer sandals on her blog last week.  Being the impulsive person I am, I ordered them about 5 seconds after seeing them.  She didn't even post a link or brand for them, but I spied the hidden Seychelles logo and was on it!

     I present the Seychelles Eye of Mars Sandal:
    and according to tracking info they should arrive today :D

    Seafoam Green also adorable:
    but the pink/brown combo won out.

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Three Things Tuesday?

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