Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make Up II Sakura Skins

    I had just bought some materials i needed for school and I passed by the Shu Uemura store. They were promoting the new limited edition make up named Sakura Collection by Mika Ninagawa.

    Mika Ninagawa is a Japanese photographer known for her bright and vibrant photographs of flowers, sceneries and goldfish. Her debut as a full length film director was in 2007 with Sakuran. In September, 2010 her AKB48 music video for the song "Heavy Rotation" was released.

    "Shu Uemura celebrates 1 year anniversary of UV under base mousse, inviting Mika Ninagawa in special package design collaboration.
    Celebrate the joy of spring bloom with vivid blossoms depicted by Mika Ninagawa. through Mika's vision, heavenly colors hidden among the luxurious blossoms are revealed. enjoy the dreamy world of spring, in its vivid but faint, ephemeral beauty. (in the site)"

    Mika says:
    My favorite flower is sakura. Japanese sakura is truly beautiful. During the sakura season, my heart beat faster with excitement ..."

    Shu Uemura Beauty Ambassador, Yu Yamada says:
    "I always admired Mika's instantly recognizable colorful creations and I was very thrilled to see how I will be illustrated in her universe."


    Retail Price: Around PHP 2700
    UV Under Base Mousse
    Colors come in (left to right) Pink, Beige & BB Beige.
    Limited Design.

    This product is under the brand's spotlight especially for the features that the product has for it's users. It features SPF 30 PA+++, a lighter weight as compared to other foundations under the brand, moisture enriched and a flawless & pore-less complexion to look forward to.

    I like how each of the colors have a different image on it and each image has a different version of the sakura blossoms on it. It's quite refreshing to see the blue and aqua colors with the pink, it allows the organic quality of the blossoms to pop out. And the pink plastic caps are so cute.

    Retail Price (w/o refill) : PHP 860
    Special Edition Powder Foundation Case with
    Shu Uemura Face Architect Glow Enhancing Powder Foundation with SPF 26 PA+++ in 8 Shades ( REFILL)

    It's eye catching, and I personally favor the bright colors and the pink casing. It makes it so much more fun to take out your make up and touch up. IT would have been cute if the sponge applicator was a shade of sakura pink as well.

    Make Up Pouch

    It matches the make up and it's hard to misplace this since is easy to spot. The macro shot of the sakura is different from the images used in the other products, contrasts in its simplicity.

    Retail Price: Around PHP 1400
    Rouge Unlimited Sakura Collection
    in 4 shades, formulated with a new generation sakura hybrid pigment.

    I had posted on this before, click here.

    The huge sakura blossom is kawaii~ She looks like a pixie in it.

    Thanks for reading! :)

    Note: The Images are not mine.

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Make Up II Sakura Skins

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