Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fashion II Star Wars Sound

    I liked watching Star Wars as a kid. Let's face it, there is a whole generation of Star Wars Fans all thank to the genius of George Lucas. Of course through the years the merchandise made for the Saga has not stopped , especially with the addition of the 3 prequels.

    I saw this on the top shelf of a store i wandered into and I felt the temptation to get one. Could it be the Force? Hmmm...All I know is that a Star Wars Fan would love to get their hands on one, or on everything!

    The price is reasonable and as for sound quality its about average. These headphones are more an accessory than they are an electronic device, but they are still decent for your ear candy. According to reviews they come in boxes that house the product and show off the design, plus even after a few years of using the earphones they are still in tip top shape.

    If you have no idea what Coloud is then here is some info for you!

    "Coloud is collaborating with the strongest names and symbols in entertainment to produce the best headphones money can buy. Operating out of Stockholm, Sweden, where we turn brands into sound. Our cords transfer visual life from any music player you plug into. Coloud produces headphones that endure, enrich and extend your lifelong listening experience. A headphone translates music. Coloud makes it show."
    STAR WARS Darth Vader
    Retail Price: $ 40 / PHP 1700

    STAR WARS Rebel Alliance
    Retail Price: $ 40 / PHP 1700

    STAR WARS Boba Fett
    Retail Price: $40 /PHP 1700

    STAR WARS Lightspeed
    Retail Price: $40 / PHP 1700

    STAR WARS Storm Trooper
    Retail Price: $ 40 / PHP 1700

    Retail Price: $ 50 / PHP 2150

    I wish they had C3PO or something. I'll post them if i do find other interesting earphones.

    You can buy it in your nearest electronics store or specialty music stores.


    Buy it online here.
    ~ Krisan

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Fashion II Star Wars Sound

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