Sunday, April 3, 2011

Make Up II Shu Uemura Sakura Collection '11

    I'm an avid fan of make up, all the types of make up, and I really enjoy looking at the ads of the Shu Uemura brand. They use bright colors and have unconventional packaging as well.

    I scoured the site and I came upon their latest offer of the 'Rough Unlimited Sakura Collection' where they feature their lipsticks. I am in awe of sakura blossoms, especially the festival they have every year.

    They take the inspiration of color from the way the sakura blossom changes with the time of day. At the earliest of hours it becomes a light pink and gradually morphs along with the day into the rosy mauve colors. They take Japan's most well-loved flower, that blooms only once a year, into hues that women can wear all year round.

    I find that the colors work well with the Spring and Summer seasons especially since it would look fresh, youthful and light on the lips and won't be too difficult to match. The casing of the lipstick is also very unique, it comes in sakura pink. Very different from their usual transparent casing.

    Retail Price : $24.00 / 1040.00 PHP

    It comes in 6 delightful shades!

    PK319 Pastel Lavander Pink (Cool Toned)
    PK356 Stylish Fuschia ( Cool Toned)
    PK332 Modern Neutral Pink (Warm Toned)
    PK339 Bright Pastel Pink (Cool Toned)
    PK341 Elegant Medium Pink ( Warm Toned)
    BG392 Peachy Pink ( Warm Toned)

    Hopefully I can get one by this summer :)


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Make Up II Shu Uemura Sakura Collection '11

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