Sunday, April 17, 2011

hairstyle by mike robertson

    Style Female Asian Hairstyles

    • Asian hairstyles for female are interesting. Asian female have their own preferred hair style and their own distinctive dressing style. They also have their own way of carrying different accessories such as scarves, mufflers, ear studs and belts. In today’s world even cell phones, watches and bracelets form an integral part of an Asian man’s style quotient. Asian men have over the years evolved into men with very stylized sense of grooming, in keeping with their global counterparts.

    The Internet and rapid globalization has played a very significant role in this respect. In terms of quality of hair, Asian men are endowed with the best in terms of texture and straightness of the hair strands. They are blessed with hair that can be styled into various innovative designs as compared to their counterparts from across the globe. They are no longer characterized by the bowl cut or the plain ethnic hair cuts. Asian female today are trend setters on many occasions when it comes to hair styling. They are endowed with porous hair with high moisture retention capacity and such kind of hair can be transformed into many kinds of style formats.

    There is a latest trend in Asian hairstyles for men. Asian men nowadays sport the bald look. A bald pate-a la Yul Brynner is no longer a rarity among Asian men. In fact such styles are very common and help one make bold style statements. Asian men experiment more with their looks and styles nowadays and the bald pate is an indication in this direction. The bald look makes a statement that effectively states that the owner of such a hairstyle is on top of his game and knows what he is doing.

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hairstyle by mike robertson

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