Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fashion II Chinoserie and Lace

    For some reason, everytime I research about the upcoming styles and fashion trends I come upon interesting things.

    I saw the new collection of Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 in a magazine when I arrived from travelling, and I fell in love with the monogrammed lace they had in their collection. Apart from that, the use of color was an interesting complement between rich moody color and bright tones. The concept they were going for in this collection seemed to be in the era of the 1940's cabaret in the orient. Imagine chinese cabaret clubs and boudoir.

    The bags and the clothes are the main highlight of the campaigns, and the models provided the perfect mysterious aura that is matched with the East. I like the way that their hair covers one eye making them seem coy. The lips become the main attraction in its deep scarlet tone, and compliments the metallic bronze eye make up and the models' pale skin.

    The colors make the campaign more interesting to look at, this includes the clothing, the bags, the background , and even the color of the model's hair. There isn't a sense of monotony here and it is definitely a far cry from their previous campaign. Even the small space adds to the selling point, since the models are all in the line of vision where you can't help but look at everything when you come upon the campaign. The monogrammed lace fans add a more flirty appeal and also catch one's attention.

    Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 Campaign

    Photography II Steven Meisel
    Models II Freja Behan Erichsen - Kristen McMenamy
    Raquel Zimmerman


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Fashion II Chinoserie and Lace

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