Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Costume II White Hope

    I will be posting an article on the dance of Twitch and Kerrington after this, but I just can't help but gush about Kerrington's costume here.

    They danced the Viennese Waltz and the choreographers dedicated it to their daughter who is sick . She reacts to movement, particularly to dancing.

    The message : there is always hope.

    I love how they had used white for both the dancers and that they were both barefoot as well, it gave a more organic feel to the dance. I really liked the cut of Kerrington's dress as well. It's an asymmetrical dress that doesn't meet at the right side seam. I found this particularly interesting because what held the dress together, and made sure nothing peeks out of the airy dress, was the jeweled skin toned shorts she wore. Up close you could see it, but from afar it looks as if her dress was moving around her body as she danced. It added an extra something special to the performance.

    Here are some stills :)

    ~ Krisan

    Note: None of the images are mine.

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Costume II White Hope

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