Saturday, April 2, 2011

Art II Suckerpunch Illustrations

    When I had found the vintage posters I had also come across a series of illustrations of the "Suckerpunch" girls. There were two series that I came across...


    His works were totally whimsical in term of the colors that he had used as well as the witty extras drawn in. I like his use of color and the style of how he drew the girls.

    I got a little freaked out thought with how gaunt some of the drawings look, but I guess that is how it's supposed to be to achieve the overall feel.



    He's quite popular.

    His use of color isn't as whimsical as Pardee, instead his color palette is more reminiscient of the comic book style with the dark colors complimented with blacks and then contrasted by bright splashed of colors.

    I wish he could have been able to do all the 6 characters.


    ~ Krisan

    Note :These images do not belong to me.

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Art II Suckerpunch Illustrations

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