Friday, April 8, 2011

An Almost Chin-Up and Beach Booty Camp

         As promised I taped my sorta kinda almost chin-up.  I may have underestimated when I said "slight" bend to me arms.  That is a pretty sizable head start I have there.  While I am very happy I've progressed to this stage, it still seems like  I have just as much (or more) work ahead to get those last few inches from dead hang to where I am now.  When I try to pull-up from dead hand I go nowhere.

         This 1/2? 3/4? chin-up takes everything from my arms.  In the video I try for another one after a few minutes rest and I get stuck in the middle.  I was gonna throw in some of my sick dance moves I broke out during recording, but for everyone else's sake I edited them out.  I didn't want anyone getting envious of my skillz (real reason: you'd probably get really embarrassed for me, "poor girl doesn't know she looks like a fool.")

    Beach Booty Camp
         Since  thoughts of summer now occupy 50% of my head, I b-stormed the stellar idea of writing up a kick ass bodyweight workout to torture share with my fellow Tobabes (aka Female Tobay guards).  If any of you are reading this: You've been warned :D  You three are going to be my personal training guinea pigs this summer ;)   Everyone else: You can look forward to pictures and a recap of this ass-whooping sometime in June.  Although the pictures might just be me, as it may end up that I do this by myself while everyone else points and laughs at me.

          Anyway I wanted to share the workout with you because you can do it anywhere, it requires no equipment (maybe a int. timer, but a watch can work or you could set reps for each exercise), and it kicks butt!  I chose some of my favorite Bodyrock moves for this, the ones I think are the most fun :D and don't need equip. I also added in some of my other fav moves.  Each move is done for 50 secs with a 10 sec break before the next one, do 2-3 times for a 20-30 minute interval workout.

    1) Burpees (of course :D) 
    2) Mountain Climbers/ Kick-ups  10/10 (I linked to video at 1:50 were Zuz demonstrates)
    6) Alt. Toe Touches (I might tape this soon, but basically lie on your back and raise left arm and right leg to touch your toe in the middle then switch)
    7) Jumping Lunge/ Mountain Climber  (Do 2 jumping lunges, put your hands down and do 2 mountain climbers, back up and do 2 jumping lunges. . .)
    9) Blaster Push- Up-  This one and #10 are the 2 moves used in this 4 minute workout, love them both :D
    10) Jumper 

      It may take a little homework to figure out some of the moves, but I think it's worth it.  I really tried to pick the ones that are fun even though they are tough :)  Let me now if you try it!

      And I'll be updating when I try this out with girls (and maybe some of the guys will join the fun :)  There maybe a guest post about wanting to kill me :D  I will also bribe hire an unsuspecting bystander official photographer to catch all the action. 
    Thanks Matty for the Baby Blue Beluga sticker!!

    Better Pic:
    He is so cute I feel like I should name him :D

         If you have tried bodyrock workouts, what is your favorite move(s)??

             Can you do a pull-up/chin-up? If not is it something you are working on or plan to work on?

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An Almost Chin-Up and Beach Booty Camp

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