Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art II Pin Up Tales

    Disney never grows old, and I have a few posts in my blog to support that, but then I come across out-of-the-box ideas of the classics that I have come to love as a kid.

    There are a series of illustrations that I adore because of the way that they were able to put the pin up in Disney without being too sleazy. I scanned some other works done in this genre and I wasn't excited when I saw them, perhaps it lost its magical quality for me.

    When I think the pin up style, Tinkerbell is the one that immediately comes to mind~

    Here are a series of J. Scott Campbell's illustrations following the comic book style. It's definitely a far cry from the singing characters on the movie screen. This captures a totally different audience changing up from child to adult.

    I like how the colors are very vibrant and how the body seems to be dynamic despite being a 2D illustration. I also like the proportions for the bodies. I have a preference in making my sketches curvier and this series totally appealed to me at first glance. Also the clothing chosen provide enough coverage for a whole lot of imagination. He creates a whole new look for different female fairytale characters as his forte is drawing women.

    These illustrations come from his 'Fairytale Fantasies' Calendar fro 2010. I shall post 2011 up as soon as the illustrations are complete!

    Here are the illustrations!

    Sleeping Beauty

    Snow White

    The Evil Queen

    Little Miss Muffet


    Alice, The Queen of Hearts & Co.

    Goldilocks & The Three Bears


    Ariel, The Little Mermaid

    Belle & The Beast


    Little Red Riding Hood

    Dorothy & Co.

    Visit his site here! :)


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Art II Pin Up Tales

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