Saturday, September 3, 2011

What Is Emo Coulture with pics gallery

    What is Emo coulture? This is a question that many of you may want to know. Emo originates from the term Emotional Music. Emo kids are conceived to be very emotional and depressed. That is why they choose to dress in a particular manner that shows there sadness. Emos are stressed out in life and hence want to show that they are independent and cut off from every body by dressing differently.

    There are many specifications that differentiate an Emo from other people. To know more about what is Emo culture you should observe the way the dress and behave. Their clothing consists of tight jeans, loose t-shirt, converse shoes and lots of accessories. Their hair is a vital part of their coulture. Emo hair is very dark to black in color and they highlight their hair with various light colors. The main motto of the Emo culture is to be different.

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What Is Emo Coulture with pics gallery

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