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Types of Hair Color for Women

    Types of Hair Color for Women

    Permanent Hair Color

    It's always better and safe to get permanent hair color done from professionals in hair salons, as they have better hair coloring techniques and skills. As these coloring products contain ammonia and peroxide, the color doesn't wash away, but only fades as the hair grows out. roots.

    Demi-Permanent Hair Color

    These hair coloring products contain a small amount of peroxide and no ammonia. Hence, if you're looking for a two tone hair color for black women or wish to go lighter, demi permanent hair color is not for you. However, it will enhance your natural hair color and cover up all grays perfectly.

    Semi-Permanent Hair Color

    Semi permanent hair color is similar to temporary and hair color rinse as they last for longer time periods. To make the color stay on the hair, it is applied first and then sealed using heat from the dryer for about 30 minutes. Semi-permanent color doesn't contain any chemicals and are safe for processed hair. The final hair color for black women stays for about 6 - 12 shampoo cycles and doesn't make a huge difference from the original hair color.

    Temporary Hair Color

    Guessing from the name, obviously a temporary hair color lasts till you shampoo. Temporary hair dye won't lighten or give two tone hair color for black women as it doesn't contain any chemicals.

    Hair Color Rinse

    These hair rinses are free of ammonia and peroxide which are typically used for adding shine and depth to your hair. Women who can't find time to visit salons on a regular basis can use the color rinse method to maintain their hair right at home. Hair color rinse can also be used on relaxed hair.

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Types of Hair Color for Women

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